Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars congratulates the 90 students in the class of 2018, and extend a warm welcome to the DFS alumni network! The class of 2018 is graduating from 13 different high schools in Southeast Michigan and will be attending over 24 different post-secondary institutions. A total of $360,000 scholarship dollars are going towards supporting these students' educations. Congratulations again to the Class of 2018; we wish you all the success in the world, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


You can still smell the food coming from the school cafeteria, hear the hustle and bustle in the halls after the bell rings and see the gym, filled with activity. It feels like just yesterday that you were in high school, established in your student life. Yet now here you are in a totally different world. You're in a new place in your life,  you're finally a high school graduate. But even though your life is full of new, grown-up experiences, you still sometimes long to return to the comfort and familiarity of high school.


Welcome to the Alumni Network.


Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars is designed to take specific and proactive steps toward a shared future of progress and success. Students and supports believe that higher education has the potential to create a vibrant future not only for individuals and communities but for the entire Southeast Michigan region.


Once students complete the DFS High School Program and receive their scholarship, involvement doesn't have to end there. After high school graduation, there are many opportunities to stay connected with the Dollars for Scholars through post-secondary education and beyond. All scholarship recipients are automatically a member in the Alumni Network.


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By 2025, the Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars Alumni Network will be comprised of 2,000 members. The Dollars for Scholars Alumni Council ("Council") was created to support this growing network of leaders.


Alumni are welcome to apply to join the Alumni Council. Interested? Complete the application HERE.



  • Alumni Engagement-Engage alumni in initiatives and event planning to create a strong and productive alumni community.
  • Networking-Assist in connecting alumni with resources for future employment and educational opportunities.
  • Resume Building-Provide opportunities for alumni to strengthen their resume and become a more valuable candidate to future employers.
  • Meet New People- Offer a setting for alumni to spread their wings to meet new, like-minded people.
  • Have Fun- Create events that are simply for the sake of having fun (it's not just work!).